Commercial Mixed Use

Broadway Block

San Diego | California

Mixed Use Residential

Targeting LEED 2009 Gold

Construction is underway on Broadway Block. Located in San Diego’s downtown core, this two-tower high-rise will host nearly 600 residential units atop a retail platform. Set for completion in 2020, the block will round up urban sprawl into a densified living space equipped with a sky terrace for off-ground greenery and amenities.


The development is targeting LEED 2009 Gold Certification and is capitalizing on Sustainable Sites credits with public transportation access, EV plug-in stalls, 100% underground parking, and high SRI roofing.


Photo courtesy of JWDA.

Mirvish Village Redevelopment

Toronto | Ontario

Mixed Use Residential

Targeting LEED 2009 ND Platinum + NC Gold

We are excited to be working with Reinbold Engineering on Westbank’s revitalization of Toronto’s Mirvish Village neighbourhood. With construction having started this Spring, the development covers four properties including the iconic Honest Ed’s discount store. A consortium of mixed-use buildings will be built up around existing retail and residential units to densify the corner block while keeping its heritage roots intact.

The urban design project will be incorporating sustainable strategies to create a well-connected, pedestrian-friendly, water + energy efficient community. 3PE is pursuing a certification combination of LEED for Neighbourhood Development and New Construction along with providing Toronto Green Standard Tier II consulting.

Photo courtesy of Westbank Corp.

TELUS Sky Tenant Interiors

Calgary | Alberta

Mixed Use High Rise

Targeting LEED v4 Gold for Commercial Interiors

3 Point is targeting LEED v4 Gold for tenant interiors on floors 4 through 10, as well as penthouse levels 59 and 60. The Sky Tenant Interiors project team designed the space with a focus on not only aesthetics, but also functionality, sustainability and creativity.


The interior layout allows for easy office reconfiguration with the use of raised floors, magnetic flooring and moveable walls - not to mention the best available sustainably sourced materials on the market. Ergonomic furniture and an advanced DALI lighting control system boost occupant comfort along with local artwork for visual appeal. As for the rooftop piazza, a sun and wind study was performed to optimize conditions for patio users. This project is no doubt shaping up to be an inspiring, bar-raising achievement.

Photo courtesy of TELUS Sky.

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