sustainable building consulting and energy modeling Calgary and Edmonton


3 Point Environmental is your friendly neighbourhood green building consultancy. With a base camp near the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we proudly work throughout Canada and the USA.

We offer green building consulting for: Planning, Land Development, Construction, Renovation, Operations, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Programs, Compliance & Policy. 

Our work ethic is built on a foundation of knowledge, integrity, accountability, and taking responsibility for what we do. Buildings are a forever investment that must be done right the first time, every time.

We have 30+ years of consulting experience, but construction is in our blood. You don't see that a lot in our industry. How can you deliver a building if you don't know how it's built? From systems to shell, we know buildings. So get us involved.

"You can't build from a desk" - Lindsey Kindrat



Sandra Golightly | B.Ed.

Administrator, Business Development Manager

Bryce Phaff | P.Eng., PMP, LEED AP BD+C
Project Manager, Sustainable Building Specialist

Jim Fantuz | Architect (retired), LEED AP
Project Manager, Sustainable Building Specialist

Leanne Conrad | P.Eng., M.Sc., LEED AP BD+C
Project Manager, Sustainable Building Specialist

Shanwen Hsu | B.Com., LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP

Project Coordinator, Sustainable Building Specialist

Steve McAdam | P.Eng.
Project Manager, Building Energy Specialist

Kelsey Chegus | P.Eng., LEED Green Assoc., EMIT
Project Manager, Building Energy Specialist

Veena Subramanyam | P.Eng., M.Sc., LEED Green Assoc.
Project Manager, Energy Specialist

Lindsey Kindrat | B.Sc., LEED AP BD+C
Executive Director, Sustainable Building Specialist

As a team we tackle each project collaboratively, relying on each other's strengths, to make your buildings better. 

​"3 Point was born from the need to do better by our buildings. Healthy, durable, desirable buildings built for Canada. We have winter and hail and tornadoes. And that's just in construction season. 

We are a strong, resilient lot - pioneers who take pride in hard work. Our buildings should reflect those qualities. If you're going to do something that lasts 100 years, make sure your mom would be proud of it.  

I'm just as happy watching them stand steel on an office building as I am planning a community garden. It's all building. They're what's left when we're gone."

-Owner, Lindsey Kindrat