A conversation with Lindsey on the customized Green Program for the Siksika Nation.

[Admin] What makes this building special?

[LK] Siksika Board of Education is committed to building a new Administration Building that they can call their own, be off grid as much as possible, where they can showcase their culture through some amazing artifacts and mindful spaces.

[Admin] How did you create a plan which would meet the unique requirements of the Siksika Nation?

[LK] At 3 Point Environmental, drawing on multiple Green Building initiatives, we developed the Siksika Green Program specifically tailored to the needs, desires and dreams of the Nation.

[Admin] Can you elaborate on some of the key points of the Siksika Green Program?

[LK] The Blackfoot cultural values of using the resources provided by Earth, not creating waste, and respecting the Elements, are reflected in the requirements of conventional green building programs. Looking deeper into the rich history of the Blackfoot, the people are a proud society of warriors who value family, custom, ritual, and the health of body and mind that provides power of self. These elements form the basis of Siksika Green Pathways; strategies that present a balance of environmental, health, wellness, beauty and durability considerations in building design, construction, and the human experience within it.

[Admin] How will you know if the project is a success?

[LK] The Siksika Green Building Program is a self-declared, independently 3rd-party verified framework, and 3 Point Environmental is very proud to be a part of the team to bring this goal to life.

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