Gym Addition | Nelson Mandela HS

Construction has reached completion for the Nelson Mandela High School Gym Addition and commissioning is underway in preparation for the return of students this coming fall. This LEED for Additions project is pursuing LEEDv4 Silver to compliment the school's formerly achieved LEED 2009 Gold Certification.

The 2 storey gymnasium boasts a high energy-efficient envelope. Concrete insulated panels in the building’s shell help to reduce construction time on site and eliminate thermal bridging. Solar panel arrays cover the roof and are fully integrated into the school’s technology program allowing students to gain hands-on experience with renewables.

The project employed many environmentally sustainable building products and applied low-VOC finishes to minimize indoor air pollution. Once fully operating, water savings will be realized in low-flow fixtures and a high efficiency HVAC system will ensure a perfectly conditioned healthy interior space for students and staff.

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