Spider Plants | Natural Air Purifiers

With so many finishes and additives used in buildings today, our indoor atmospheres can quickly become embedded with off-gassing materials in furniture, walls and flooring. Poor ventilation can also lead to a build-up of carbon dioxide and harmful toxins like VOCs.

Thankfully, indoor plants can be used to combat this invisible smog.

One of the most famous air purifying plants is the spider plant, a.k.a. Chlorophytum comosum. Along with English ivy, Areca palm, the money plant and the peace lily, these powerful air-cleansers are widely grown in households and offices for their ability to transform harmful gases to purified air.

The additional benefit of greening up indoor space is the boost in occupant happiness that generally follows with the green stuff growing.

Our 3PE team is hosting a family of spider plants on our office desks with room for additions on the walls…

But how many plants does it take to breathe a fresh breath of filtered air into a building?

For an inspiring success story on fresh-air harvesting, check out Kamal Meattle’s popular TED Talk presentation “How To Grow Your Own Fresh Air".

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