What is CHP?!

Combined Heat & Power, also known as Cogeneration, involves using one energy source (natural gas, biofuel, steam) to generate ‘free’ heat and power (electricity). Waste heat from the process is utilized for hot water and space heating, while the electricity can be utilized or stored.

A CHP ‘plant’ is one or a series of turbines, microturbines, or fuel cells located in proximity to the building. This ‘on site’ energy generating strategy provides utility savings for single buildings, or multi-building / campus developments in a ‘District Energy’ scenario.

This decentralized energy technology is cost effective, allows for ease of future building tie-in, and provides a reduction in carbon dioxide, sulphur and mercury(1) emissions. CHP systems can achieve 65-75% efficiency, and up to 90% for buildings with a constant thermal demand such as assisted living, seniors lodges, condos, hotels, and aquatic centres. CHP has virtually no geographic limitations and can be integrated with a solar PV system.

Our energy team can model the unit for maximum efficiency, assess the feasibility and ROI, and document the benefits for your project.

Reach out to to see if your project is a good candidate for CHP technology.


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