High River Community Resource Center 

High River, Alberta| Canada

Provincial and Municipal Government Offices | LEED NC 2009 Gold


Crowsnest Pass Seniors Lodge

Coleman, Alberta | Canada

LEEDv4 Target

Cambridge Manor Seniors Living Facility

West Campus, Calgary, Alberta | Canada

BuiltGreen HD Target

Autumn Glen Lodge

Innisfail, Alberta | Canada

LEEDv4 Target


Medicine Hat Detoxification & Residential Treatment Center

Medicine Hat, Alberta | Canada

Construction Support | LEED NC 2009

Commercial, Industrial

Whirlpool Distribution Center

Rockyview County, Alberta | Canada

LEED v4 Target

AMTA Training Facility

Leduc, Alberta | Canada

LEEDv4 Target

Canmore Super 8 Hotel

Canmore, Alberta | Canada

BuiltGreen HD Feasibility Study + Energy Code Assessment

NECB 2011 Building Permit Energy Models

Too many to list on one page!

Commercial Mixed Use

Broadway Block

San Diego, California | USA

Mixed Use Residential | LEED 2009

Marquee on 16th 

Calgary, Alberta | Canada

BuiltGreen HD Gold

Mirvish Village Redevelopment

Toronto, Ontario | Canada

LEED NC 2009, LEED 2009 for Neighborhood Development,

Toronto Green Standard Tier II

TELUS SKY Tenant Interiors

Calgary, Alberta | Canada



Nelson Mandela CTS High School

Calgary, Alberta | Canada

High School | LEED NC 2009

Kenneth D. Taylor Elementary School

Calgary Board of Education, Calgary, Alberta |Canada

LEED NC 2009 Silver 

Westpark Middle School

Red Deer, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009

Design Bundle #17 - Ecole Mosaique K4 School, RancheView K8 School, St. Francis of Assisi K9 Academy

Respectively: Calgary, Cochrane, and DeWinton, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009  Silver 

​St. Theresa of Calcutta K6 School

Lethbridge, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009 Silver

Airdrie East & West Elementary Schools

Airdrie, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009 Silver

Silverado & Martindale K-4 Elementary Schools

Calgary, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009

Skyview Ranch K9, Silverado K9, Auburn Bay K9, Evanston K9, New Brighton K4, Cranston K4, and Mahogany K9 Catholic Schools

Calgary, Alberta | Canada

LEED NC 2009