Sustainable Solutions

Our team is on board from start to finish, and whenever you might need us in between.

Athena Life Cycle Assessment

ECO Plans + ESA Policy Development

Before cities there were small settlements that sprang up like wildflowers in the old west. But in the new west, the sheriff in town governs how we build. Our skill in government policy, planning and development can appease even the most ornery of approval authorities.

Green Building Management Plans

We've got a range of policies, plans and procedures to support your project. Select from: waste management, indoor air quality, green procurement, green cleaning, site management, habitat protection, and more.

Green Building Feasibility Study

Which building path is right for you? Some remarkable buildings come from solid best management practices. We learn what's important to you, then come up with ideas and options. Test 'em, kick the tires, take one for a test drive, see what fits. You can feel 100% confident before taking that green building journey.

Green Products

Our Green Product Library can help you select +600 products for LEED v4 and other rating systems. Whether you need interior finishes or structural steel, or just a purchasing policy, we can recommend the most commonly approved products in the industry!

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